A Bundle of Sticks Vicki Mansoor and Peter Huttinger will show their collaborative artwork “A Bundle of Sticks” in the exhibition “Green Acres: Artists Farming Fields, Greenhouses and Abandoned Lots”.  The exhibition curator is Sue Spaid and the exhibit opened in September 2012 at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. Homeadow Song Farm Artistic Work Felting Project - Rug Pokeberry Ink Drawing Project Instructor Eileen Frechette works with Homeschool Program students preparing Pokeberry ink from berries harvested on the farm Drawing by Fourth Grade student using a Turkey feather quill pen. Puppetry by Grade School Students Watercolor painting from the "Plant & Animal" study by a Fifth Grade Student Clay modeling project by a Fourth Grade Student Little Cat sleeping in a Willow Basket made by students in the Homeschool Class Work for the hands to do... Homeadow Song Farm