Building the insulation layer of the oven... Mr Cordray’s Class, Photo by Mary Pat Buck Our first oven, built in 2004 Cob Mob II July 15th - The earthen wood fired oven is another step closer to being finished.  The insulation layer is now complete and the next steps are the sculptural layer (dragon) and to finish the earth-plaster coat. Cob Mob On June 24th we built the first layer of the new earthen woodfired oven. Outdoor Kitchen & Wood Fired Bread Oven Our new earthen wood fired bread oven is now complete.  With our outdoor kitchen we offer a holistic experience centered on nutritious food.  The oven was rebuilt with the help of freinds, volunteers, WWOOF interns, Homeadow Song Farm youth program participants. The original oven was built during the fall of 2006, around ninety children and adults participated lovingly using their hands and feet to dig up and process clay and then form it into a wood fired bread oven.  When the oven is fired the friendly dragon sends his smoke into the air. The Bread Oven is used for community events and educational programs. Wood Fired Bread Oven Work for the hands to do... Homeadow Song Farm