Nature Study / Blackboard Drawing by a Fifth Grade Student Bottle feeding lambs
Work for the hands to do... Homeschool Program 2015 - 2016 Programs For dates, information about programs, tuition or to enroll please contact: Vicki Mansor Telephone:  513-542-1745 Email: Work & Play - Homeschool Program Wednesdays & Fridays 8:30 am – 3 pm Ages 6 through 12 Do you remember playing with puppets when you were young? This new year-long program combines processes often taught in the Waldorf School handwork and language arts programs with the art of puppetry.  - And we expect it to be much fun! Characters will come to life as children learn skills, such as sewing, wool felting, natural plant dying and more, to make their own puppets.   Their imaginative capacities will be nourished and their memories strengthened as they listen to or act out age appropriate stories, song, and poems in the small worlds they have helped to create. This program naturally provides opportunities to learn problem solving and work together with others. They will learn to experience empathy as they practice role-playing the various parts of a play. They will gain poise and confidence as they learn to speak and move effectively. They will have opportunities to appreciate the performances of their peers, and to present their work as well. We will also have times throughout the year when we share our work with family and friends. This class will be split into two different working groups. There will also be breaks for going out of doors to play and engage in projects here at the farm. Teachers:  Susan Gilbert and Vicki Mansoor ___________________________________________________ Art & Nature Studies at the Farm Wednesdays 1 – 3 pm Beginning in September 2014-15  for dates contact Vicki Mansor Fall is harvest season, and once again we have planted a Native American “The Three Sisters” garden with children. This consists of beans, squash and corn - all gifts of the New World. We also have many other vegetables, fruits, grains and flowers. Children love learning to transform the gifts or our various gardens into delicious foods, healing salves, or beautiful dyes and inks. The specifics of what we make this fall will depend on what this dry hot summer season provides. Our students have also developed enthusiasm for a student-teacher designed native wetland. This past year we also prepared ground for a small wetland native nursery and the kids initiated a “wetland newsletter.”  – All the many special places at Homeadow Song Farm: ponds, gardens, outdoor kitchen, orchards, places for animals, both domestic and wildlife, become stimulus for study, nature observation, and meaningful work. The session is usually divided into two groups with each group spending part of their class time out doors and part engaging in painting, drawing, or modeling. The bounty of the season will be shared with a family supper meal prepared using the Three Sisters and other locally harvested food. In addition there will be a presentation of the student work. More details will be provided during this session. Teachers:  Eileen Frechette and Vicki Mansoor ________________________________________________________ Lunch & Playtime 12 – 1pm This offering gives the children an opportunity to be social and experience the out-of doors together. Children should bring a hearty lunch. There is no additional charge for children who attend both the morning and afternoon sessions. ________________________________________________________ The programs take place over the nine month school year at: Homeadow Song 5038 Gray Road Cincinnati, Ohio   45232 For 2015-16 dates, information about programs, tuition or to enroll please contact: Vicki Mansoor Telephone:  513-542-1745 Email: Web Site: ________________________________________________________ Please inform yourself about Rudolf Steiner or Waldorf Education to see if our programs fit your life-style and expectations at Fees: Your support is a vital part of our moving towards a self-sustaining collaborative that reflects our values of respecting the land, and all its inhabitants. Please register for our programs by filling out the forms attached and make full payment at the beginning of each block of sessions.  Homeadow Song Farm is created with children in mind. It has many ‘special places’ for work and play. Our community-based experiential programs weave together a rich balance of age-appropriate practical work, imaginative play, thoughtful observation, artistic experience and healthy social interaction. With the help of their teachers, children come to know revere the rhythms of weather, water, plant and animal life of this beautiful place within the City. They participate in the annual human cycle of activity as well: planting and harvesting in the gardens, orchards, and berry patches, preparing food in the outdoor kitchen, extracting honey and building bee hives in the honeybee shop, and sharing the fruits of their labors with family and friends. We experience that the children who come here regularly have enthusiasm for learning, respect for nature and capacities to care for the environment.  They develop confidence for finding meaningful engagement in community life. We are committed to working sustainability and locally.  We are currently working with Rudolf Steiner’s indications for bringing cultural renewal in areas of land stewardship, animal husbandry, education, and social responsibility. Enrollment in our programs is limited to 12 children. Children benefit from multi-age groupings within our classes. We structure our time so there is a mix of the whole group working together and also smaller groups are formed to meet the varying capacities and interests. Most students attend throughout the year. Families may enroll for blocks of time, providing there are openings in a program.  Watercolor Painting by Fourth Grade Student Instructor Vicki Mansoor with Homeschool Group harvesting flowers for Natural Dyeing Project Homeadow Song Farm