Work for the hands to do... Services Karen Egan Karen Egan Landscaping Landscaping Design and Maintenance specializing in: Earth friendly practices, Native plants, Ornamental gardens, and Vegetable gardens. Karen is a graduate of the Greater Cincinnati Master Gardener Program and has been active in organic farming, gardening and landscaping for over 30 years. Karen Egan Karen Egan Landscaping 5040 Gray Rd. Cincinnati, OH  45232 513-312-2469 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eileen Frechette Educational Services Eileen Frechette has been an educator for children, parents, and teachers for over 35 years. She has worked with pre-school through adult education in classrooms, workshop settings and as a mentor. Her 20 year involvement with Waldorf education and her certificate in Therapeutic Remedial Education has further broadened her approach to working with developmental needs in education. She also is available to work with parents and younger children to support their healthy learning and development. Eileen Frechette 5081 Wooden Shoe Hollow Rd. Cincinnati, OH  45232 513-542-2055  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ed Gutfreund Holistic Therapy: Somatic Soul Care Ed Gutfreund offers licensed professional services for health and wellness ranging from Psychotherapy to Anthroposophical Rhythmical Massage. He integrates physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual approaches to healing. This is especially effective for achieving balance when facing anxiety, depression, relational issues, and the often- overlooked impact of trauma. Ed Gutfreund 951 W North Bend Rd A-3 Cincinnati, OH 45224 513-681-2122 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Huttinger Art, Community-base Urban Agriculture and Biological Land Practices Peter Huttinger, co-ownwer of Homeadow Song, works with an independent group of gardeners, artists and educators developing programs that center on home-based education and agriculture, ethical stewardship of land, sustainable architecture, and contemporary art practices. Peter is interested in working with client's pursuing projects that integrate contemporary art practices and ethical stewardship of land and is available for consultation, development and implementation of such projects. As an artist Peter has lived and worked in Cincinnati for over 30 years and has been an organic vegetable gardener for over 20 years.  He was the Coordinator of Community Gardens for the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati from 2007-2014 and from 2001-1993 he was the Archivist for the Robert J. Shiffler Archive (a collection of post-modern art, artist publications and performance documentation).  Peter has a BFA (drawing) from Florida State University and MFA (drawing) from the University of Cincinnati and is a graduate of the Sunbridge College's Administration & Community Development Program.  He has also worked as an Adjunct Curator for the Contemporary Arts Center and done curatorial projects for the Weston Art Gallery, University of Cincinnati, and Feigen Contemporary (Chicago) and has been an adjunct instructor at the University of Cincinnati and Art Academy of Cincinnati. Peter Huttinger Homeadow Song Farm 5038 Gray Rd. Cincinnati, OH  45232 513-328-0100 cell Homeadow Song Farm