Work for the hands to do... Summer Camps Homeadow Song Farm Summer Camps for Children Little Red Hen’s Summer Days For children 4 years and up to those entering first grade Let your child celebrate summer at this beautiful place that we affectionately call “Homeadow Song”.  Your little ones’ senses will be nurtured in this well- structured “play oriented” environment.  We sing to Marko and his dozen hens and collect their eggs, then we on to Lilly the bunny.  We also love to visit Amele and Yoey, our Babydoll sheep.  This camp has a relaxed rhythm that includes baking, gardening, water-play, painting and nature crafts throughout the week. We have embracing spaces with small "play woods", sand and water, and gardens for imaginative play.  All are richly enhanced with storytelling, song, games, and puppetry.  A nutritious snack and lunch will be provided.  This is the happiest of summer experiences! Who Will Help Me Make This Bread? For children 4 years and up to those entering first grade This is bread baking at it's finest!  First, we visit our animal friends and then it is off to work at the bakery - washing hands, putting on aprons.  These little bakers delight in singing, kneading, and having happy conversation as they naturally form their loaves into a variety of shapes - snails, couches, rocket ships - whatever they imagine.  When all is done, everything is set to rise and then placed into the belly of our wood-fired dragon oven; the aroma of his breath is heavenly!  We all enjoy a balancing act carrying it back to the snack table on the breadboards!  We will have plenty of time to grind grain, experience a puppet play, play outdoors and savor the bread we made!  We even wash our napkins and hang them out to dry! Please Note: This camp is day one of The Little Red Hen’s Summer Days and can be attended without enrolling in the entire week of the program. Summer Days in Arts and Nature Here is an opportunity for children to be with other children and experience the season in our relaxed outdoor setting.  Each day will be a balanced mixture of imaginative play, and meaningful work.  Special to our heart is the honeybee.  She provides meaningful images of working for the good of all.  Children experience a sense of purpose and contribution to something real when we care for our animal friends, or set the table for lunch.  Just like the little bee who visits all the flowers, we too will experience the interconnectedness of everything in the environment as we collect materials to make a delicious snack or work artistically with the gifts of sweetness and light!  We will have stories, games, songs and  special places for free-play as well... the “play woods”, “happy tub” and a fresh sand pile!  And one day we will even bake in the outdoor Dragon Oven Bakery!  Snack and lunch and all project materials will be provided. To register or for more information contact: Vicki Mansoor 513-542-1745 Please visit our web site for information: Homeadow Song Farm 5038 Gray Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45232 Vicki Mansoor 513-542-1745 Homeadow Song Farm